Juan García González

Juan García González

Hi! I'm Juan García González, a passionate investor with more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector. Since I was 18 years old, I have been investing in dividend paying companies on a constant basis with the goal of achieving financial independence together with my partner. I graduated in Economics and Finance in Madrid, and since then I have worked in several technology companies as a consultant. I have also worked as a columnist in a financial magazine, where I have shared my knowledge and experience with readers. On the other hand, I have appeared on several television and radio programs to discuss financial topics, and I have participated in some seminars and lectures on finance. I have been studying technical and fundamental analysis for several years, which has allowed me to gain a broader view when choosing companies for my dividend portfolio. My main focus has been on the Spanish markets, including the IBEX35 (especially in my early days) and on the US market, where I highlight NASDAQ and NYSE companies, as they attract my attention due to their constant dividend growth, such as Warren Buffett's legendary Coca-Cola. Since I started investing with just €2,000, I have been increasing my portfolio of companies that pay dividends, I currently have more than 70 companies spread over 8 different countries.

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