AEX Dividend 2024

In this section of the page, you will find all the information you need to understand how AEX (Bolsa de Amsterdam) dividends work. In addition, you will be able to consult the payment date, the ex-dividend date, the last day to be entitled to the payment, the money to be received per share, the yield and any other doubts that may arise.

Information about AEX

The AEX is the main stock index of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1983 and consists of the 25 most relevant companies listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

This index reflects the performance of the Dutch market, it is weighted by market capitalization. This means that companies with a larger market capitalization have a more significant impact on the fluctuations of the index.

Several of the companies that are part of the AEX are leaders in their respective sectors and have a notable presence on the international stage, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, ASML and Philips, to name a few, many of which pay dividends.

How is the AEX value calculated?

The following mathematical formula is used to determine the daily value of the AEX stock index based on the capitalization of the companies that comprise it:

AEX(t) = AEX(t - 1) × Σ Capi(t) / [ Σ Capi(t - 1) ± J ]

As with the IBEX35, an adjustment coefficient J is used. This coefficient is intended to avoid distortions in the index due to financial events such as capital increases, share issues or mergers and acquisitions.

The daily capitalization of an AEX company is determined by multiplying the number of outstanding shares of that company by its daily closing price on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

By way of example: if on a given day the AEX closes at 600 points and the total capitalization of the 25 companies that comprise it is 300 billion euros, if on the following day that capitalization increases to 303 billion euros, the AEX index would close that day at:

AEX (specific day) = 600 x 303/300 = 606 basis points.

How can I invest in AEX shares and receive dividends?

If you want to invest in AEX stocks and collect dividends, you can do it with Scalable Capital broker in just a few minutes. We leave you a complete guide with our opinion so you can see the variety of stocks and ETFs to invest in dividends.

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Dividends schedule AEX

CompanyEx-DividendAmountPayment DateConfirmed
Logo de Randstad
09/26/20241.27 €10/01/2024Check Icon

Latest Dividends AEX

CompanyEx-DividendAmountPayment Date
Logo de Aegon
06/14/20240.16 €07/08/2024
Logo de ASR Nederland
ASR NederlandASRNL
05/31/20241.81 €06/07/2024
Logo de Exor
05/30/20240.46 €06/03/2024
Logo de NN Group
NN GroupNN
05/28/20242.08 €06/20/2024
Logo de Universal Music Group
Universal Music GroupUMG
05/20/20240.27 €06/11/2024
Logo de IMCD
05/16/20242.24 €05/21/2024
Logo de Shell
05/16/20240.344 €06/24/2024
Logo de ASM International
ASM InternationalASM
05/15/20242.75 €05/22/2024
Logo de Wolters Kluwer
Wolters KluwerWKL
05/10/20241.36 €06/04/2024
Logo de DSM Firmenich
DSM FirmenichDSFIR
05/09/20242.5 €05/16/2024
Logo de RELX
05/02/20240.418 €06/13/2024
Logo de Akzo Nobel
Akzo NobelAKZA
04/29/20241.54 €05/07/2024
Logo de BE Semiconductor Industries
BE Semiconductor IndustriesBESI
04/29/20242.15 €05/03/2024
Logo de Heineken Holding
Heineken HoldingHEIO
04/29/20241.04 €05/07/2024
Logo de Abn Amro Bank
Abn Amro BankABN
04/26/20240.89 €05/27/2024
Logo de ASML Holding
04/26/20241.75 €05/07/2024
Logo de KPN KON
04/19/20240.098 €04/25/2024
Logo de Ahold Delhaize
Ahold DelhaizeAD
04/12/20240.61 €04/25/2024
Logo de Prosus
11/02/20230.07 €11/28/2023

Graph of companies divided by sector AEX

Most profitable dividends AEX

Logo de Abn Amro Bank
Abn Amro BankABN
8.61 %
Logo de NN Group
NN GroupNN
7.31 %
Logo de ASR Nederland
ASR NederlandASRNL
6.60 %
Logo de Aegon
4.96 %
Logo de Randstad
4.66 %
Logo de KPN KON
4.50 %
Logo de Philips Kon
Philips KonPHIA
4.34 %
Logo de Ahold Delhaize
Ahold DelhaizeAD
3.91 %
Logo de Shell
3.53 %
Logo de Akzo Nobel
Akzo NobelAKZA
2.89 %

Table of companies divided by sector AEX

In the following table you can see to which sector each of the companies belongs:

Financial ServicesAbn Amro Bank, NN Group, ASR Nederland, Aegon
IndustryRandstad, RELX, Wolters Kluwer
Communications ServicesKPN KON, Universal Music Group, Prosus
Health CarePhilips Kon
Productos de consumo defensivosAhold Delhaize, Heineken Holding, DSM Firmenich
Basic MaterialsAkzo Nobel, IMCD
TechnologyBE Semiconductor Industries, ASML Holding, ASM International
Cyclical Consumer ProductsExor

AEX Companies with dividends

Below is a list of Bolsa de Amsterdam companies that pay dividends:

Abn Amro BankAdyenAegonAhold DelhaizeAkzo NobelASM InternationalASML HoldingASR NederlandBE Semiconductor IndustriesDSM FirmenichExorHeineken HoldingIMCDKPN KONNN GroupPhilips KonProsusRandstadRELXShellUniversal Music GroupWolters Kluwer