CompanyIndexEx-DividendAmountPayment DateConfirmed
Logo de Hera
FTSE MIB06/24/20240.14 €06/26/2024Check Icon
Logo de Pirelli & C.
Pirelli & C.PIRC
FTSE MIB06/24/20240.198 €06/26/2024Check Icon
Logo de Poste Italiane
Poste ItalianePST
FTSE MIB06/24/20240.563 €06/26/2024Check Icon
Logo de Snam
FTSE MIB06/24/20240.1692 €06/26/2024Check Icon
Logo de Terna
FTSE MIB06/24/20240.225 €06/26/2024Check Icon
Logo de STMicroelectronics
CAC4006/24/20240.09 €06/26/2024Check Icon
Logo de Ebro Foods
Ebro FoodsEBRO
Ibex Medium06/26/20240.22 €06/28/2024Check Icon
Logo de Endesa
Ibex3506/27/20240.5 €07/01/2024Check Icon
Logo de Red Eléctrica
Red EléctricaRED
Ibex3506/27/20240.73 €07/01/2024Check Icon
Logo de AGNC
Nasdaq06/28/20240.12 $07/10/2024Check Icon
Logo de Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AGP911
DAX4006/28/20241.01 €07/02/2024Check Icon
Logo de Gestamp Automoción
Gestamp AutomociónGEST
Ibex Medium07/01/20240.08 €07/03/2024Check Icon
Logo de Fluidra
Ibex3507/01/20240.3 €07/03/2024Check Icon
Logo de Realty Income
Realty IncomeO
Nyse07/01/20240.263 $07/15/2024Check Icon
Logo de Publicis Groupe
Publicis GroupePUB
CAC4007/01/20243.4 €07/03/2024Check Icon
Logo de Amadeus IT Group
Amadeus IT GroupAMS
Ibex3507/02/20240.8 €07/04/2024Check Icon
Logo de Enagás
Ibex3507/02/20241.04 €07/04/2024Check Icon
Logo de Acciona
Ibex3507/02/20244.85 €07/04/2024Check Icon
Logo de Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles
Construcciones y Auxiliar de FerrocarrilesCAF
Ibex Medium07/03/20240.86270125 €07/05/2024Cross Icon
Logo de Repsol
Ibex3507/04/20240.5 €07/08/2024Check Icon
Logo de Iberdrola
Ibex3507/04/20240.348 €07/29/2024Check Icon
Logo de JPMorgan Chase
JPMorgan ChaseJPM
Nyse07/05/20241.15 $07/31/2024Check Icon
Logo de Cisco Systems
Cisco SystemsCSCO
Nasdaq07/05/20240.4 $07/24/2024Check Icon
Logo de Global Dominion Access
Global Dominion AccessDOM
Ibex Medium07/05/20240.1 €07/09/2024Check Icon
Logo de The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney CompanyDIS
Nyse07/05/20240.45 $07/25/2024Check Icon
Logo de Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi
Laboratorios Farmacéuticos RoviROVI
Ibex3507/08/20241.1037 €07/10/2024Check Icon
Logo de Ercros
Ibex Medium07/08/20240.096 €07/10/2024Check Icon
Logo de JDE Peet
AMX07/08/20240.35 €07/12/2024Check Icon
Logo de Indra Sistemas
Indra SistemasIDR
Ibex3507/09/20240.25 €07/11/2024Check Icon
Logo de Verizon Communications
Verizon CommunicationsVZ
Nyse07/10/20240.665 $08/01/2024Check Icon
Logo de Vidrala
Ibex Medium07/11/20240.39 €07/15/2024Check Icon
Logo de Acerinox
Ibex3507/17/20240.31 €07/19/2024Check Icon
Logo de Pernod Ricard
Pernod RicardRI
CAC4007/17/20242.35 €07/19/2024Check Icon
Logo de Enel
FTSE MIB07/22/20240.215 €07/24/2024Check Icon
Logo de Caterpillar
Nyse07/22/20241.41 $08/20/2024Check Icon
Logo de America Movil
America MovilAMX
Nyse07/29/20240.200364 $03/21/2025Cross Icon
Logo de Naturgy Energy
Naturgy EnergyNTGY
Ibex3508/05/20240.6 €08/09/2024Cross Icon
Logo de Sligro Food Group
Sligro Food GroupSLIGR
ASCX08/13/20240.8 €08/23/2024Cross Icon
Logo de Walmart
Nyse08/15/20240.2075 $09/03/2024Check Icon
Logo de Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft CorporationMSFT
Nasdaq08/15/20240.75 $09/12/2024Check Icon
Logo de Aperam
AMX08/16/20240.5 €09/12/2024Check Icon
Logo de Eni
FTSE MIB09/23/20240.25 €09/25/2024Check Icon
Logo de Randstad
AEX09/26/20241.27 €10/01/2024Check Icon
Logo de Inditex
Ibex3510/31/20240.27 €11/04/2024Check Icon
Logo de ArcelorMittal
Ibex3511/11/20240.25 €12/04/2024Check Icon
Logo de Banca Generali
Banca GeneraliBGN
FTSE MIB02/24/20250.6 €02/26/2025Check Icon

What is the dividend payment schedule?

The dividend payment calendar is a tool that shows the dates on which companies pay dividends to their shareholders. This calendar shows only the companies that you still have time to purchase.

How does the dividends calendar work?

The calendar shows the dividend payment dates and the corresponding amount of different companies during a given period. In this way investors can plan their investments according to the ex-dividend dates, i.e. we will have to buy before this date in order to receive the corresponding dividends from the shares we hold of that company.

What does it mean that a date has been confirmed?

When a date has been confirmed, it means that a company's shareholders' meeting has officially approved the ex-dividend date, the payment date and the amount of the dividend to be distributed to shareholders on that specific date.