In this section of the page, you will find all the information you need to understand how ISEQ 20 (Euronext Dublin) dividends work. In addition, you will be able to consult the payment date, the ex-dividend date, the last day to be entitled to the payment, the money to be received per share, the yield and any other doubts that may arise.

Information about ISEQ 20

The ISEQ 20 is the key stock market index of the Irish Stock Exchange, now part of Euronext Dublin. It was established to reflect the performance of the 20 most prominent companies listed on the Irish market.

This index reliably represents the health of the stock market in Ireland and is weighted by market capitalization. This means that companies with a larger market capitalization exert a more significant influence on the index.

Most of the companies included in the ISEQ 20 offer dividends, including well-known names such as CRH plc, Ryanair Holdings, Bank of Ireland, among others.

How is the ISEQ 20 value calculated?

To determine the daily value of the ISEQ 20 stock index, a mathematical formula is used that takes into account the market capitalization of the companies that comprise it:

ISEQ 20(t) = ISEQ 20(t - 1) × Σ Capi(t) / [ Σ Capi(t - 1) ± J ]

An adjustment coefficient J is used to compensate for the impact of specific financial events, such as capital issues or dividends, on the index valuation.

The value of the ISEQ 20 on a given day is obtained by multiplying the value of the ISEQ 20 on the previous day (day t-1) by a ratio calculated from the sum of the market capitalizations of the 20 companies on day t, divided by the sum of the capitalizations on day t-1.

In case you are not familiar with it, the daily capitalization of a specific company is obtained by multiplying the number of shares by the listed value of that company on that day.

For example, if the ISEQ 20 closes today at 1,371 points and the total capitalization of the 20 companies today is 50 billion euros, and tomorrow that capitalization increases to 50.5 billion euros, the closing value of the ISEQ 20 tomorrow would be:

ISEQ 20 (specific day) = 1,371 × 50.5/50 = 1,378.35 basis points.

How can I invest in ISEQ 20 shares and receive dividends?

If you want to invest in ISEQ 20 stocks and collect dividends, you can do it with Scalable Capital broker in just a few minutes. We leave you a complete guide with our opinion so you can see the variety of stocks and ETFs to invest in dividends.

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Dividends schedule ISEQ 20

CompanyEx-DividendAmountPayment DateConfirmed
Logo de Origin Enterprises
Origin EnterprisesOIZ
01/18/20240.1365 €02/09/2024Check Icon
Logo de Glanbia
02/19/20240.1544 €04/02/2024Cross Icon
Logo de Kingspan Group
Kingspan GroupKRX
03/01/20240.218 €04/05/2024Cross Icon
Logo de Smurfit Kappa Group
Smurfit Kappa GroupSK3
03/08/20241.287 €04/05/2024Cross Icon
Logo de Kenmare Resources
Kenmare ResourcesKMR
03/20/20240.050 €04/10/2024Cross Icon

Latest Dividends ISEQ 20

CompanyEx-DividendAmountPayment Date
Logo de AIB Group
AIB GroupA5G
03/30/20230.062 €05/12/2023

Graph of companies divided by sector ISEQ 20

Most profitable dividends ISEQ 20

Logo de Kenmare Resources
Kenmare ResourcesKMR
12.32 %
Logo de FBD Holdings
FBD HoldingsEG7
9.66 %
Logo de Cairn Homes
Cairn HomesCRN
4.91 %
Logo de Origin Enterprises
Origin EnterprisesOIZ
4.69 %
Logo de Smurfit Kappa Group
Smurfit Kappa GroupSK3
4.54 %
Logo de Irish Continental Group
Irish Continental GroupIR5B
3.19 %
Logo de Irish Residential Properties REIT
Irish Residential Properties REITIRES
2.48 %
Logo de Bank of Ireland Group
Bank of Ireland GroupBIRG
2.40 %
Logo de Glanbia
2.37 %
Logo de Kerry Group
Kerry GroupKRZ
1.50 %

Table of companies divided by sector ISEQ 20

In the following table you can see to which sector each of the companies belongs:

Basic MaterialsKenmare Resources
Financial ServicesFBD Holdings, Bank of Ireland Group, AIB Group
Cyclical Consumer ProductsCairn Homes, Smurfit Kappa Group, Dalata Hotel Group, Flutter Entertainment
Productos de consumo defensivosOrigin Enterprises, Glanbia, Kerry Group
IndustryIrish Continental Group, Kingspan Group
Real EstateIrish Residential Properties REIT
Health CareUniphar

ISEQ 20 Companies with dividends

Below is a list of Euronext Dublin companies that pay dividends:

AIB GroupBank of Ireland GroupCairn HomesDalata Hotel GroupFBD HoldingsFlutter EntertainmentGlanbiaGlenveagh PropertiesGreencoat RenewablesIrish Continental GroupIrish Residential Properties REITKenmare ResourcesKerry GroupKingspan GroupMalin CorporationOrigin EnterprisesPermanent TSB Group HoldingsRyanair HoldingsSmurfit Kappa GroupUniphar