Alphabet dividends 2023

In this section of the site, you will find all the information you need to understand how Alphabet (GOOG) dividends work. In addition, you will be able to consult the payment date, the ex-dividend date, the last day to be entitled to the payment, the money to be received per share, the yield and any other questions that may arise.

Information about Alphabet

Alphabet Inc. is a multinational conglomerate that works in the Internet industry, software development and telecommunications, through the manufacture of products and services associated with consumer electronics, biotechnology, home automation and other technologies.

Its main subsidiary and the best known worldwide is Google, but it was founded in 2015 to encompass other large companies such as Calico, CapitalG, Chronicle Security, DeepMind, DoubleClick, Google Fiber, GV, Jigsaw, Loon LLC, Makani Technologies, Sidewalk Labs, Verily, Waymo, Youtube, Wing and X Development, it is also located in 75 countries with more than 150 offices with more than 75 thousand employees.

It is recognized for being one of the corporations that best pays its employees, which is why it is highly valued by millions of professionals, although in January 2023 they announced a decrease in their payroll of approximately 6%.

It has been the subject of several criticisms or controversies related to its financial strategies and some of its services, such as the Google Books section with some copyright disputes, as well as possible security risks due to the detailed information provided by Google Earth, it has also been accused of participating in electronic surveillance programs worldwide.

How can I invest in Alphabet shares and receive dividends?

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When are the upcoming Alphabet dividends in 2023?

There is no upcoming dividend defined for Alphabet.

What is the last day to buy Alphabet stocks and get dividends?

There is no set last day on which buying Alphabet shares generates the possibility of earning dividends.

Dividend calendar of Alphabet

There is no Dividend Calendar of Alphabet defined for 2023.

Dividend yield history in Alphabet

Alphabet dividend policy

Alphabet has not paid dividends to its shareholders since it went public despite being a company with ample earnings and growth.

This may be due to the fact that it is a corporation that continuously invests in the acquisition and development of new technologies, so part of its profits are earmarked for its expansion and maturity as an organization.

The company has not yet announced whether it will deliver dividends in the future, so traders invest in it to obtain capital gains by buying and selling its shares.

Dividend history of Alphabet

Alphabet has never distributed dividends, so it has an empty dividend history.

Historical annual dividend yields of Alphabet

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