Upcoming Stellantis dividend
Next payment 1.55€
Next payment date May 3, 2024
Last payment 1.34€
Last payment date May 4, 2023
00 D 00 H 00 M 00 S
Ex-Dividend: 4/22/24

On May 3, 2024, Stellantis will reward its investors with a dividend of 1,55 euros per share.

The Last Trading Day (April 19, 2024) is decisive for your eligibility to receive dividends.

Stellantis (STLAP) granted a dividend of 1.34 euros on May 4, 2023.

Stellantis N.V., listed in Milan, BATS EU, New York, London, Mexico, Xetra, TradeGate, Frankfurt, Vienna and Paris, recognized primarily as STLAP, begins paying dividends in 2022 and continuing the commitment in 2023.

The amount paid is calculated by the administrative department, derived from the annual financial balance, which is approved by the stockholders' committee and subsequently announced in the official media, and is settled in a single payment in April or, failing that, in May, reaching a yield of 8.35%.

Payout Ratio Stellantis Dividends

Stellantis paid 2% of its net income in the last fiscal period as dividends.
Stellantis's earnings (189,544,005,632.00€) are sufficient to cover the dividend payment. This payment represents 2% of the total net profit of STLAP.
Dividend payout ratio
Payout Ratio

Dividend calendar of Stellantis

These are the most important events of the Stellantis calendar in 2024:

Event Day
Last trading date April 19, 2024
Ex-Dividend (Ex-Date) April 22, 2024
Record date April 23, 2024
Date of payment May 3, 2024
Data confirmed by the company Stellantis (STLAP).
Historical annual dividend yields of Stellantis
Over the past 5 years, Stellantis has not consistently distributed dividends.
Increasing Dividends
Dividend yield
Dividend yield of Stellantis vs. the sector
Stellantis's dividend yield (6.66%) is above the sector average (2.98%).
Comparison with industry average
Stellantis's dividend yield is among the top 25% (4.13%) of the sector.
Evaluation with respect to competence.
Dividend yield history in Stellantis
Over the past 5 years, Stellantis has not consistently distributed dividends.
Dividend stability

Dividend history of Stellantis

In this table you can see the complete history:

1.34 €
1.34 €
1.04 €
1.04 €
0.32 €
0.096677 €
0.416677 €
0.09 €
0.09 €
0.1233 €
0.1233 €
0.17 €
0.17 €
0.13 €
0.13 €
Stellantis dividend capture strategy
Step 1: Buy Stellantis shares (STLAP) one day before ex-dividend date
Date of purchase Apr 19, 2024
Next ex-dividend date Apr 22, 2024
Step 2: Sell Stellantis shares (STLAP) when the price recovers.
Date of sale (estimated) N/A
Average price recovery N/A
Average return on cost N/A
The dividend capture strategy is based on historical Stellantis data. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Information about Stellantis

Full name Stellantis N.V.
Ticker STLAP
Sector Cyclical Consumer Products
Industry Auto Manufacturers
Market Capitalization 70.05B €
ISIN NL00150001Q9
Number of Employees 272,367
Description of the company

Stellantis N.V., a conglomerate dedicated to the automotive industry, is headquartered in Amsterdam, but with a presence in 130 markets and factories in 30 countries on all continents, employing almost 300,000 people.

It was created in 2019 through the merger between the industrial groups PSA (Peugeot Société Anonyme) and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), which went through an audit process by the European Union to verify compliance with antitrust laws, so the union of the conglomerates is approved and becomes effective in 2021, The Stellantis Group was thus formed, named after the Latin verb "stello", meaning "shines with stars", thus unifying efforts to reduce the operating burden and make future investments more efficient.

They have also announced the implementation of new strategies to incorporate complementary technologies to their production chain, with the purpose of commercializing more electric vehicles with energy reserve in portable battery units, also helping to reduce the CO2 emissions incurred by their products.

The group has 14 iconic industry brands and two dedicated to mobility and transportation: Fiat, Jeep®, Lancia, Abarth, Dodge, DS Automobiles, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Ram Trucks, Vauxhall, Free2move and Leasys.

Frequently asked questions about Stellantis dividends

Stellantis is listed on the Bourse de Paris and is part of the CAC40.

Stellantis has the Ticker or stock code STLAP.

The CEO of Stellantis in 2024 is Mr. John Jacob Philip Elkann.

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