In this section of the page, you will find all the information you need to understand how Crédit Agricole (ACA) dividends work. In addition, you will be able to consult the payment date, the ex-dividend date, the last day to be entitled to the payment, the money to be received per share, the yield and any other doubts that may arise.

Upcoming Crédit Agricole dividend
No change
Next payment N/A
Next payment date N/A
Last payment 1.05€
Last payment date Jun 1, 2023
00 D 00 H 00 M 00 S
Ex-Dividend: N/A
Not available

There is no upcoming dividend defined for Crédit Agricole.

There is no set last day on which buying Crédit Agricole shares generates the possibility of earning dividends.

Crédit Agricole distributed 1.05 euros per share in the form of a dividend on June 1, 2023.

Crédit Agricole S.A., listed on the stock exchange in Italy, Austria, United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Paris, using the CAGR denomination, has the behavior of delivering this interest on an annual basis, since 2002, remaining relatively stable, with a suspension between 2012 and 2013 and another punctual one in 2020, which has happened with many other organizations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The amount payable is calculated based on the financial analysis derived from the annual income, although it has been seen that during 2022 and 2023 the value has been slightly higher than previous periods and has remained fixed, being granted in the month of May or June otherwise, reaching a yield of 8.80%.

Payout Ratio Crédit Agricole Dividends

Crédit Agricole paid 5% of its net income in the last fiscal period as dividends.
Dividend payout ratio

The dividend payout ratio, also known as the payout ratio, is an essential indicator for assessing the stability of a company's dividends. This ratio shows what proportion of the company's net profit is used to pay dividends to shareholders.

Dividend payout ratio = Total dividends ÷ Net income

Crédit Agricole's earnings (37,681,999,872.00€) are sufficient to cover the dividend payment. This payment represents 5% of the total net profit of ACA.
Dividend payout ratio
General recommendations

An appropriate payout ratio may vary depending on the industry, the company's growth stage and its financial health.

Payout Ratio

Dividend calendar of Crédit Agricole

There is no Dividend Calendar of Crédit Agricole defined for 2023.

Historical annual dividend yields of Crédit Agricole

Over the past 5 years, Crédit Agricole has not consistently distributed dividends.
Increasing Dividends
Increasing Dividend Program

For a company to have growing dividends by our standards, the annual dividend amount must have increased steadily for at least the last 5 years.

Dividend yield

Dividend yield of Crédit Agricole vs. the sector

Crédit Agricole's dividend yield (8.66%) is above the sector average (6.04%).
Comparison with industry average
Comparison with industry average

The company's dividend yield is compared to the industry average to determine its positioning.

Crédit Agricole's dividend yield is among the top 25% (7.52%) of the sector.
Evaluation with respect to competence.
Comparison with competitors

Imagine you have a list of dividend yields for different companies in an industry. If you look for the "top 25%% percentile", you will find a number. This number tells you that the top 25%% of the companies with the highest dividends have a yield higher than that number.

On the other hand, the "top 75%% percentile" shows you another number, which tells you that 75%% of the companies have a higher yield than that number, thus showing a more common and less high yield.

Dividend yield history in Crédit Agricole

Over the past 5 years, Crédit Agricole has not consistently distributed dividends.
Dividend stability
Dividend stability

For a company to have stable dividends by our standards, it is vital that it has not had an annual decline of more than 10% over the previous year.

Dividend history of Crédit Agricole

In this table you can see the dividend history of Crédit Agricole:

1.05 €
1.05 €
1.05 €
1.05 €
0.8 €
0.8 €
0.69 €
0.69 €
0.63 €
0.63 €
0.577778 €
0.577778 €
0.577778 €
0.577778 €
0.337037 €
0.337037 €
0.337037 €
0.337037 €
0.433333 €
0.433333 €
0.433333 €
0.433333 €
0.433333 €
0.433333 €
1.066286 €
1.066286 €
1.021857 €
1.021857 €
0.822799 €
0.822799 €
0.315115 €
0.315115 €
0.393893 €
0.481425 €
0.875318 €
0.47777 €
0.47777 €
0.47777 €
0.47777 €
Dividend history of Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole dividend capture strategy

Step 1: Buy Crédit Agricole shares (ACA) one day before ex-dividend date
Date of purchase N/A
Next ex-dividend date N/A
Step 2: Sell Crédit Agricole shares (ACA) when the price recovers.
Date of sale (estimated) N/A
Average price recovery N/A
Average return on cost N/A
The dividend capture strategy is based on historical Crédit Agricole data. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Information about Crédit Agricole

Full name Crédit Agricole S.A.
Ticker ACA
Sector Financial Services
Industry Banks - Regional
Market Capitalization 36.93B €
Number of Employees 71,652
Address 12 place des Etats-Unis, Cedex, Montrouge, 92545, France
Phone 33 1 57 72 90 45
Description of the company

Crédit Agricole S.A., a group of cooperative, retail and international banks, is considered the second largest in Europe according to Banker magazine.

It was founded in 1885 by Alfred Bouvet and Louis Milcent, as the first agricultural credit fund in Salins-les-Baths, of local type, calling it Société de Crédit Agricole, managing to expand to national territory (France) in 1920, needing to expand its coverage, including financing products for rural artisans, rural electrification projects, real estate loans for farmers, thus helping to stop the exodus of the inhabitants of these areas to the cities.

From 1963 onwards, it opened more offices, participated in post-war financing and collaborated with the modernization of agriculture, achieving financial autonomy in 1966. Three years later, it created subsidiaries with broader services, focusing on other sectors such as the food industry and small and medium-sized companies, offering life insurance in 1986 and later non-life insurance.

The group owns 39 French banks with subsidiaries such as Credit Agricole CIB, Amundi Asset Management, Calyon Financial, CLSA, Predica and Pacifica and LCL, has 145,000 employees worldwide, more than 53 million customers and over 11 million members, while maintaining the slogan: "acting every day in the interest of our customers and society".

Frequently asked questions about Crédit Agricole dividends

Crédit Agricole is listed on the Bourse de Paris and is part of the CAC40.

Crédit Agricole has the Ticker or stock code ACA.

Crédit Agricole belongs to the Financial Services sector and the Banks - Regional industry.

The CEO of Crédit Agricole in 2023 is Mr. Philippe Brassac.

At this moment, the value of a Crédit Agricole share is 12.17€.

Crédit Agricole does not have a growing dividend program. Dividends have not shown a steady growth in the last 5 years.

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