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Upcoming Audax Renovables dividend
No change
Next payment N/A
Next payment date N/A
Last payment 0.022712€
Last payment date Jul 16, 2021
00 D 00 H 00 M 00 S
Ex-Dividend: N/A
Not available

There is no upcoming dividend defined for Audax Renovables.

There is no set last day on which buying Audax Renovables shares generates the possibility of earning dividends.

Audax Renovables distributed 0.022712 euros per share in the form of a dividend on July 16, 2021.

Audax Renovables was constant in the payment of dividends to its shareholders until 2010, which was made every July with a single installment, thereafter it maintained a suspension that was eliminated in July 2021 when it returns to deposit a single amount for that year, having a yield for that date of 0.95%, however, no other payment has been recorded since then.

Payout Ratio Audax Renovables Dividends

In the last fiscal period, Audax Renovables paid no dividends, resulting in a dividend payout ratio of 0%.
Dividend payout ratio

The dividend payout ratio, also known as the payout ratio, is an essential indicator for assessing the stability of a company's dividends. This ratio shows what proportion of the company's net profit is used to pay dividends to shareholders.

Dividend payout ratio = Total dividends ÷ Net income

Audax Renovables has not distributed dividends in the last fiscal period, therefore, the payout ratio is 0%.
Dividend payout ratio
General recommendations

An appropriate payout ratio may vary depending on the industry, the company's growth stage and its financial health.

Payout Ratio

Dividend calendar of Audax Renovables

There is no Dividend Calendar of Audax Renovables defined for 2023.

Historical annual dividend yields of Audax Renovables

Over the past 5 years, Audax Renovables has not consistently distributed dividends.
Increasing Dividends
Increasing Dividend Program

For a company to have growing dividends by our standards, the annual dividend amount must have increased steadily for at least the last 5 years.

Dividend yield

Dividend yield of Audax Renovables vs. the sector

Audax Renovables's dividend yield (0.00%) is below the sector average (2.08%).
Comparison with industry average
Comparison with industry average

The company's dividend yield is compared to the industry average to determine its positioning.

Audax Renovables's dividend yield is below the top 75% (2.08%) of the sector.
Evaluation with respect to competence.
Comparison with competitors

Imagine you have a list of dividend yields for different companies in an industry. If you look for the "top 25%% percentile", you will find a number. This number tells you that the top 25%% of the companies with the highest dividends have a yield higher than that number.

On the other hand, the "top 75%% percentile" shows you another number, which tells you that 75%% of the companies have a higher yield than that number, thus showing a more common and less high yield.

Dividend yield history in Audax Renovables

Over the past 5 years, Audax Renovables has not consistently distributed dividends.
Dividend stability
Dividend stability

For a company to have stable dividends by our standards, it is vital that it has not had an annual decline of more than 10% over the previous year.

Dividend history of Audax Renovables

In this table you can see the dividend history of Audax Renovables:

0.022712 €
0.022712 €
0.0086 €
0.0086 €
0.013888 €
0.013888 €
0.01311 €
0.01311 €
0.018174 €
0.018174 €
Dividend history of Audax Renovables

Audax Renovables dividend capture strategy

Step 1: Buy Audax Renovables shares (ADX) one day before ex-dividend date
Date of purchase N/A
Next ex-dividend date N/A
Step 2: Sell Audax Renovables shares (ADX) when the price recovers.
Date of sale (estimated) N/A
Average price recovery N/A
Average return on cost N/A
The dividend capture strategy is based on historical Audax Renovables data. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Information about Audax Renovables

Full name Audax Renovables, S.A.
Ticker ADX
Sector Public Services
Industry Utilities - Renewable
Market Capitalization 556.40 €
Number of Employees 798
Address Calle de la Electrónica, nº 19, planta 7 puerta C, Badalona, 08915, Spain
Phone 34 93 240 53 06
Description of the company

Audax Renovables is a company in the electricity generation industry that works using renewable resources in the field of self-supply, liquefied natural gas and electric current, seeking energy efficiency and effectiveness.

Initially its name was Fersa, founded in 2000 when it operated several wind farms and managed to grow extensively, becoming in 2007 the first energy company of its kind.

Upon entering the stock exchange, it launches two IPOs to obtain financing due to the negative impact left by the 2008 economic crisis, being in 2017 during the second round, when it changes its name to Audax Renovables.

Its operations were originally based on the generation of electricity using exclusively renewable sources, producing 1,203MW, however, as of February 2023 it is partnering with Shell Energy Europe Limited to provide them with energy and gas services, benefiting from a market access agreement at competitive prices.

It has executed several projects, the main ones being a wind farm in France generating 12 MW, several wind farms in Spain producing 45 MW and several photovoltaic plants generating 89 MW. It has also built a wind farm in Panama and another in Poland, providing 66 MW and 34 MW respectively.

Frequently asked questions about Audax Renovables dividends

Audax Renovables is listed on the and is part of the Ibex Small.

Audax Renovables has the Ticker or stock code ADX.

Audax Renovables belongs to the Public Services sector and the Utilities - Renewable industry.

The CEO of Audax Renovables in 2023 is Ms. Ana Isabel Lopez Porta.

At this moment, the value of a Audax Renovables share is 1.27€.

Audax Renovables does not have a growing dividend program. Dividends have not shown a steady growth in the last 5 years.

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