In this section of the page, you will find all the information you need to understand how Metrovacesa (MVC) dividends work. In addition, you will be able to consult the payment date, the ex-dividend date, the last day to be entitled to the payment, the money to be received per share, the yield and any other doubts that may arise.

Upcoming Metrovacesa dividend
No change
Next payment 0.33€
Next payment date Dec 21, 2023
Last payment 0.33€
Last payment date May 19, 2023
00 D 00 H 00 M 00 S
Ex-Dividend: 12/19/23

Metrovacesa will distribute 0,33 euros per share in the form of a dividend on December 21, 2023.

The December 19, 2023 is the ex-dividend date. So if you wish to receive Metrovacesa dividends, you must buy one day before this date.

Metrovacesa distributed 0.33 euros per share in the form of a dividend on May 19, 2023.

Metrovacesa enters the stock market in 2018, participating in Spain, Germany, England and the United States, the dividend yield is around 5%.

It is a stable company, with a policy of paying dividends to its shareholders every six months, so dividends are paid in two parts, one in May and the other in December.

Since its IPO, Metrovacesa has been moderately increasing the value of the amount paid to investors, although there was a substantial decrease in the May 2023 amount compared to the amount granted in December 2022.

Payout Ratio Metrovacesa Dividends

Metrovacesa paid 60% of its net income in the last fiscal period as dividends.
Dividend payout ratio

The dividend payout ratio, also known as the payout ratio, is an essential indicator for assessing the stability of a company's dividends. This ratio shows what proportion of the company's net profit is used to pay dividends to shareholders.

Dividend payout ratio = Total dividends ÷ Net income

Metrovacesa's earnings (430,420,000.00€) are sufficient to cover the dividend payment. This payment represents 60% of the total net profit of MVC.
Dividend payout ratio
General recommendations

An appropriate payout ratio may vary depending on the industry, the company's growth stage and its financial health.

Payout Ratio

Dividend calendar of Metrovacesa

This is the Dividend Calendar of Metrovacesa in 2023.

Event Day
Last trading date December 18, 2023
Ex-Dividend (Ex-Date) December 19, 2023
Record date December 20, 2023
Date of payment December 21, 2023
Dividends schedule Metrovacesa
Data confirmed by the company Metrovacesa (MVC).
Estimation Policy

This data has been verified by Metrovacesa's General Shareholders' Meeting.


Historical annual dividend yields of Metrovacesa

Over the past 5 years, Metrovacesa has not consistently distributed dividends.
Increasing Dividends
Increasing Dividend Program

For a company to have growing dividends by our standards, the annual dividend amount must have increased steadily for at least the last 5 years.

Dividend yield

Dividend yield of Metrovacesa vs. the sector

Metrovacesa's dividend yield (7.70%) is below the sector average (17.21%).
Comparison with industry average
Comparison with industry average

The company's dividend yield is compared to the industry average to determine its positioning.

Metrovacesa's dividend yield is below the top 75% (17.21%) of the sector.
Evaluation with respect to competence.
Comparison with competitors

Imagine you have a list of dividend yields for different companies in an industry. If you look for the "top 25%% percentile", you will find a number. This number tells you that the top 25%% of the companies with the highest dividends have a yield higher than that number.

On the other hand, the "top 75%% percentile" shows you another number, which tells you that 75%% of the companies have a higher yield than that number, thus showing a more common and less high yield.

Dividend yield history in Metrovacesa

Over the past 5 years, Metrovacesa has not consistently distributed dividends.
Dividend stability
Dividend stability

For a company to have stable dividends by our standards, it is vital that it has not had an annual decline of more than 10% over the previous year.

Dividend history of Metrovacesa

In this table you can see the dividend history of Metrovacesa:

0.33 €
0.33 €
1.05 €
0.6 €
1.65 €
0.3955 €
0.4 €
0.7955 €
0.33 €
0.33 €
Dividend history of Metrovacesa

Metrovacesa dividend capture strategy

Step 1: Buy Metrovacesa shares (MVC) one day before ex-dividend date
Date of purchase Dec 18, 2023
Next ex-dividend date Dec 19, 2023
Step 2: Sell Metrovacesa shares (MVC) when the price recovers.
Date of sale (estimated) Apr 18, 2024
Average price recovery 121 days
Average return on cost 6.60%
The dividend capture strategy is based on historical Metrovacesa data. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Information about Metrovacesa

Full name Metrovacesa S.A.
Ticker MVC
Sector Real Estate
Industry Residential Construction
Market Capitalization 1.30B €
Number of Employees 224
Address Parque empresarial VIa Norte, Quintanavides street, 13, Madrid, 28050, Spain
Phone 34 913 18 37 00
Description of the company

Metrovacesa is a real estate company in charge of land management in Spain, designing, constructing and selling land, homes and buildings in high demand locations.

It was founded in 1918 with the purpose of developing the "Cuatro Caminos" neighborhood in Madrid, but was consolidated in 1934 under the name of "Compañía Inmobiliaria Metropolitana", which was able to take on large projects in Spain, such as the "Titanic" building and other residential complexes located mainly on "Reina Victoria" Avenue.

In the 40's, two other important companies were established in the real estate sector, Vacesa (Vasco-Central) and Bami, S.A., which were in charge of buying properties to redesign and rent or sell homes. However, it was not until 1989 that the company "Microvacesa" was created when the "Compañía Inmobiliaria Metropolitana" and "Vasco-Central" merged.

Its headquarters are located in Madrid, in Las Tablas (Madrid) in the Metrovacesa Park, but its operations also extend to Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia, specializing in the execution and promotion of residential projects.

Its main shareholders are Grupo Santander, Banco Sabadell, BBVA and Banco Popular.

In 2000 Metrovacesa grew exponentially, buying "Bami, s.a." and becoming the most important real estate group in its country. In addition, it expanded into international territory, starting with France, and expanded its portfolio of projects by adding new uses such as hotels, offices and shopping centers.

Frequently asked questions about Metrovacesa dividends

Metrovacesa is listed on the and is part of the Mercado Continuo.

Metrovacesa has the Ticker or stock code MVC.

Metrovacesa belongs to the Real Estate sector and the Residential Construction industry.

The CEO of Metrovacesa in 2023 is Mr. Jorge Perez de Leza Eguiguren.

At this moment, the value of a Metrovacesa share is 8.57€.

Metrovacesa does not have a growing dividend program. Dividends have not shown a steady growth in the last 5 years.

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